Hello. I wrote a fantasy and science-fiction novel. Its editorship is over. The script is also ready for the film and animation adaptation of his novel. Cover drawings and interior drawings have been made. I trust the fiction of my world, the multilayered and meaningful story of my story. I think I created a strong expression. I have received offers from Europe for movies, animation, mobile games, PC games and card games. But I am in my own country so I want to give this project the priority of Turkey. My project is just like Game of Thrones, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings style. In fact, I can say that it is an even more ambitious, broad and universal investment project. Personal copyright is also on file. I want to find sponsors and investors and start my project. Our files, presentations, drawings,character and space analysis are also ready. Business plan, feasibility report and cost report are also ready. I can send it by mail, if you want, you can review it. We are also ready to be marketing or partner. We are also ready for other offers from Europe or other countries. At least I would appreciate it if you guide me on this issue. I wish you a good day.   And my sponsor My Sponsor, Enis Bugra Tosun, is Herbalife Distributor.Herbalife Products are purely herbal products.   And he makes his living from here.Since he is an Online Sales Representative at Herbalife, he improves his sales skills on the one hand.Originally a mechanical engineer öğrencisidir.fakat working conditions due to the turkey.And he met me just at this time, and he saw that there was a future in both areas.I think the beginning of the Future Capsule meals is herbalife. According to conspiracy theories, the meals will come in capsule form in the future.And the realization time for this is around 10 years.    


TOPİC(SYNOPSİS) King David is the last heir in the Fire Kingdom. One night at a surprise raid, Languid; and his creatures kidnapped his big brother Jacob. Her mother was killed at this attack, and she gives the book of secrecy to him just before she dies. This book is a family heirloom. King David grows up, and he cracks some of the codes in the book. He immigrates to a brand new continent with his folk; he starts his kingdom there. The kingdom was called "Last Castle". Because of a voice, he kept hearing in most of his dreams, he decides to climb the mountain right behind the kingdom. He meets with a woman who has divine powers, protector of humankind: Ursula. Ursula says, "To reach eternity, you must have 3 mysterious objects: the Book of secrecy, the Bloodsucker Sword, spirit dust. He realizes that Languid and his master were after these objects. Ursula had already known, David had the Book of secrecy; that's why she gives the Blood Sword to him. Spirit dust was protected by a creature named Pisenk. Ursula takes a drop of blood from David's hand. And with it, she gives him a boy who was born from the earth. This boy was John. He was the chosen person. When John reached 17, he was already a nimble strong warrior. One day John secretly follows his father when he was going to ally with some other kingdoms against the danger of Languid. In this trip, Father King David encounters a sparkling horse called Blue Ghost. David only heard about Blue Ghost from fairy tales. The horse was blazing. It obeyed him. John joins them. And a white Alpha wolf. With John's advice, they went behind the Alpha wolf. They bump into a girl named Moana somewhere called Death Hole. She tells them that she had escaped from Languid and she had captured some maps. One of these maps was the Arzeh map. That one was a map made by 5 races under blood oath in ancient times. With the power of this map and the power of the Blood Sword, King David finally reunites the magicians, giants, dwarfs, and dogis. He aims to capture the spirit dust and the keys of eternity, of course. Moana tells that she is Languid's sister. She had to run away because she was almost killed by a cult of her brother's. Also, the time of Languid's attack was unclear. John wanted to prove himself so, he goes to the Devil Mountains with Moana. Pisenk was here, and the protected spirit dust. John solves the riddle of Pisenk, and Pisenk gives him the spirit dust. On the way back, his father and the kingdom soldiers were attacked by Languid and muntons. Languid captures the ghost dust. King Dawid died there when he rescued his son. At his last breath, he told him that he prepared a letter to him. Moana felt huge guilt because of these events, but John convinces her. After the funeral, John goes to the mountain behind the kingdom and talks to Ursula. He learns from her that he is the chosen person; that he must capture all three objects. He was the hope of humankind. At the same time, with the back of his helpers Glodyis and Kingmuntor, Languid created a new army full of dark creatures. The army and Linguid prepare themselves to attack the Last Castle with the order of their master Black-headed Devil. The Last Caste was preparing too. Allies gather together in The Last Castle. When the time of war knocks on the door; all humans, magicians, giants, and dwarfs were together. The king of wizards, Kira; and the king of dwarfs is a big support to John. A huge war occurred in the front of the caste. Giants and dogis have joined the war after a while, along with John. By the way, Moana was trying to run away to protect the Book of secrecy. But Black Spirit made by her brother grabs her. She was on the brink of death. During the war, a sword duel happens between Languid and John. In this duel, the Blood Sword bursts into flames in John's hands with Ursula's help. He wins the duel. Languid and his men withdraw. They went to the Death Hole. With Glodyis and Kingmuntor, all of them teleported to the place where the Master Black-headed Devil is: Karatesya Gateway. The master was banished to go to that place. Master Black-headed Devil was giving all the commands and aims to Languid here. And this time he was content because of spirit dust. A while ago, when Ursula, the Eye of the Universe, and the Tree of Life were the guardians of the galaxy; they were suspicious about Black-Headed Devil's attempts about finding the keys of eternity. Because of it, he was banned to live in Karatesya Gateway. Ursula has told about this to John. The keys were placed in a secret place by Ursula who has a big curiosity about mankind. King David's big brother, King Jacob was brainwashed by the Black-Headed devil and was tasked in somewhere called Secret Worlds Canyon, but Jacob opened his eyes to the situation and betrays the brainwasher. Devil tells about this to Languid. But Devil wasn't caring about Jacob at all. He was only thinking about John. John goes to Ursula. He wants Moana to be alive again. At first, Ursula disagrees but then she realizes John was actually breaking the loop of his lifeline. She gets Moana back. Uncle Jacob takes a fruit in Secret Worlds Canyon with the advice of the Eye of the Universe, and send that to the world. Black-Headed Devil took his army in Karatesya out of the water. He makes a deal with his future ally the king of Godithland, Rogorit. His army was bigger than ever. Marget was a spy he sent to the world, but she was captured by soldiers in Peace Land. Two soldiers, Soldier Kaan and Alphan took her to the Peace Castle. Idhem, a master of 7 flags, was living in here. Marget was questioned in front of Idhem, Asi, Akdost, and some of the members of the council. The council learns who she is. During the questioning, John shows up to warn Idhem. Idhem tells him that he will be on the road for the sake of truth and justice. He will be helping John in the Last Castle. To transmit this information to the Devil he releases Marget. A phoenix borns from ashes in Idhem's hands was chirping. The council lifts their swords in the air. "to the Last Warrior!". In the end, we realize Idhem is the last warrior and John is the hope of humankind. Introduction(end cover) "The evil forces that came from the hidden places of the earth are threatening us all. On one side, the people who want to protect themselves; on the other side, who makes strategies to achieve whatever they want. In this battle, John and his beloved ones, find themselves in an adventure with hope, danger, and the edge of death. In this world which contains various kinds of race, warriors, and wizards; the danger never decreases. To decide the destiny of the world, the war between the bright side and the dark side must end up. Doomsday wars are near. The world witnesses the Last Warrior's birth who has to establish the new world order." A breathtaking adventure with the much more evil creature is behind the evil and the much more great creature behind the great creature. Page by page hidden mysteries are waiting for you. CHARACTERS AND PLACES Alpha Wolf: A huge, noble wolf found by King David. Its feathers were snowy, ıts eyes were deep blue. It attends many wars with ıts last owner John. Ameros: A wizard trusted by the Black-Headed Devil. He is older than his brother Isratos. He wears a black cassock. The map of Arzeh: A map found by Moana. It contains the blood of five races, aims for peace. The Peace Castle: A poetic castle where Idhem and his army's home. It has got two towers beside it. And contains seven nations flags. Castle has a lot of handiwork of wolf, arrow, bow, spear figures. It is in the middle of four high mountains. The flags are: *Peace flag: They aim to spread peace all over the world. *Wolf flag: They are bonded with wolfs more than humans. To them wolfs are blessed animals. *Brothers flag: They aim to spread brotherhood all over the world. *White flag: They represent a clean and ethical world. *Red Wolf flag: They are bonded with the color red via their religion. *White Wolf flag: They wear white clothes. They're very wise. *New World flag: Protected by Idhem and represents New World order. White Shadow: He is trusted by the Black-Headed Devil. He can freeze anything when he is angry. He can't talk. He follows his commander's orders. He is nearly invisible. He has no apparent face. Buzulpençe Mountains: The place where hosts Psink creature. Its peak is extremely cold. Dwarfs: They are known as mine diggers. They have golden flags and shields. They have long beards, and they're smaller than humans. Into the two big wars, they fight near humans. Giants: From ancient history, they live in the world. They live in dark places into a black mountain. They have giant bodies full of callous. They've bald heads. They mostly carry big sticks with their hands. Dogis: They can run fast with their two legs. When they get tired of it, they can fly too. Wings are under their arms. They can travel under the soil too. Edward: He is King John's best swordsman. He has got a plump face, bushy hair separated from the middle, and a big body. He joined many wars. Elyon: The Black-Headed Devil wakes this dragon into secret waters. It has eight wings. Its tail is longer than its body. It's a golden dragon. the Eye of the Universe: He is a warrior. He testified and read the Book of Secrecy. He discovered the Secret Worlds Canyon. Here he lives with the Tree of Life. He lives in a mountain. He has got giant legs and arms. There are somethings dangle from his chin. There is a huge purple eye in the middle of his head. the Secret Worlds Canyon: The place where hosts first the Tree of Life, later the Eye of the Universe. Iron soldiers and lots of animals live there too. That's the place Jacob sent to. Secret Jungle Kingdom: All forbidden magic-users gather under the name of this society. Dark folk, cursed castle. They hope Languid to remove this curse. Glodyis: He saw many universes and other planets, so he is a long-lived wise powerful wizard. He wears a black cloak and never shows his face. He was known for his smoky spells, in wars. He fights for Languid. Godits: They live in Goditland. Smart creatures. They invented so many things like; teleportation machines and cloning technology. Their body is covered with white scales. They've got big eyes. They seem like fish people and they have something like gills. Goditland: This place has the universe's gravity force. It seems like a sitting human when you look from far away. There are large beaches and seas filled with white and clear water. In its center, there are irony buildings. Godoryan Castle: In the middle of the white sea in Goditland there is this castle. Rodogit lives in this magnificent castle. Here, special weapons for universal wars are made. It sparkles. Gufon: It is Fearless King's giant war vehicle. It works with the power of Nötronjon. It works only with the Fearless King's brain waves. It is just like an eye with a lot of wings near it. IX. Century Kingdom: This kingdom is known by its wizards. They fight for the sake of goodness. Into its castles, there are 9 wizard statuses. Idhem: He is the savior who will come from the East and bring peace and justice. He has a lunate mustache, black hair to his shoulders, and a big body. He has a helm with a lunate symbol. In his leather belt, he carries a sword. His beloved 12 men are: *Asi: Idhem's head assistant. He is a brave fellow with a temper. His look is just like his master. *Soldier Kaan and Alphan: The masters of the sword art and the scout talent. In green clothes and furry hats, they often guard. They are muscular with mustaches. *Erkut: Best stalker. He is one of the warriors bonded with wolves. *Atilla and Atsız: Generally they ride their horses. They are known for their power to use their arrows calmly in wars. *Akkuş: He has great ideas. Before the war, he collects the information. *Akdost: He often goes for explanation tours and learns quickly. He has slant eyes, a big body. He trains his soldier so well. *Akpençe: He is the oldest one of them. Founder of the Ten Rider organization. He is a wise person. *Alp: He is the youngest and most agile one. Everyone says that he was born to fight. He finds everything quickly. *Fettah and Ermed: Idhem's guards. They question the strangers who came by. Only then strangers can see Idhem. They open the big gate with their extreme arms. Isratos: Littlest one of wizard brothers. He wears gray. He is more active than his big brother Ameros. His eyes are very sneaky. One of the friends of Black-headed Devil. Jeotor: The device to protect Goditland. It was built by the Eye of the Universe. the Bloodsucker Sword: It was taken away from the Devil a long time ago, and it was hidden in a secret place. Then it was given to King David. Later he will give this sword to its essential owner, John. Black Spirit: Languid's best partner. It has three heads. the first head is an eagle, the second is a dragon, the third is a leopard. Its tail is thorny. the Black-headed Devil: Languid's main master. He aims to capture the keys of eternity and Goditland and after that destroy humankind. He wants to combine the Bloodsucker Sword, John's blood, and spirit dust with the spell in the book of secrecy. He has flaming two horns. He has yellow eyes, red skin, a big body, and sharp teeth between his black lips. Black Age Army: Their power rises with moonlight. They live in Sealed Castle. They eat human flesh. They're black and ugly creatures. None of them have a clear shape, they can use both of their hands and legs to walk. Karatesya Gateway: This place hosts the Black-headed Devil. It has green waters and black diamonds instead of soil. An immense planet with a lot of stalactites. Kira: IX. Age Kingdom's wizard king. Kolonfer: The wizard who teaches how to teleport. He lived in Karatesya Gateway for a long time. Kolopin: Languid took this creature from its death sleep in green waters. It is invisible, runs fast, and flies. the Fearless King: King David's brother. His real name is Jacob. He was captured by the Devil and taken to Karatesya Gateway. He has sunken eyes, white hair, and an old face. He accomplishes to return to the world with the Tree of Life's help. King Carlos.: He is Iron Age's king. A noble king fights with evil. His old body is still big and fit. Languid killed him during the Big War. King David: John's father, a noble king. He has brown hair and a good body. He is statuesque. He is brutally killed by Languid. King John: David's son. He won two critical wars. The true owner of the bloodsucker sword. He is tall, has brown hair to his shoulders, deep blue eyes. Languid: He obeys his master's rules, aims to reach eternity, to live in a world without humankind. He is a brutal lord. He has red armor, white long hair, pale skin. He has black nails and lips. Lina: King John's archer. He uses the arrow very well and teaches his skills to soldiers. He has a red braid, dark skin. He gets along well with children. His best friend is Edwards. Marget: The Black-headed Devil's agent who mastered in disguise. It was sent to the world with Trismegistus to explore the dangers. It was trained by the Ganaret organization. It was in a woman's body when Idhem's soldiers capture it. It has a verge sculpted with a goat head. At ıts back, ıt has the snake tattoo, the symbol of the organization. Blue Ghost: It was found by King David. It has heavenly powers. It's a smart and fast horse burning with blue fire. Riding it is so hard. And ıt joined a lot of war. Mineks: Their height is nearly one meter. Their skin looks like human skin. They were with humankind in the second war. They have leaves all over their body. They've big noses and ears. They enjoy singing. Moana: Languid's old helper and John's wife. She was a first-earthman so she won't grow old quickly. She is a beauty with silver hair and faraway eyes. A wise character. Muntors: They look like werewolves with their hairy hands and feet. They're fast and nimble. Kingmuntor is their leader. Nötronjon Power: A red and green mysterious power. The Fearless King found this energy by eating Yaşon fruit which the Life of Tree suggested. This power gave him teleportation and cloning powers. Foresight Weapon: This weapon allows Linguid and the Black-headed Devil to watch the whole universe. It is a globe made of glass. Death Road: The connection road between the earth and the Karatesya Gateway. Death Hole: It has shiny sand and surrounded by trees. It has a magical connection between Eternity Castle and the Karatesya Gateway. Psink: It has a woman's head and chest, a lion's body, and a raptor's wings. Eats human flesh. She protects the Black chest by asking riddles. Rob: King John and Moana's son. Blue-eyed like his father, silver-haired like his mother. Rodogit: Wiser and stronger person in Goditland. Goditland's true master. He negotiated with the Black-headed Devil. Spirit dust: Special and dangerous dust. It is one of three elements to reach eternity. Spirit's Scream: Glodyis gave this book full of ancient spells to Languid. Book of secrecy: A secret book contains immortality and the key to the universe. Ursula, the Eye of the Universe, and the Tree of Life wrote the book. The Last Castle: The symbol of the salvation of humankind. King John grew up here. Humankind protects this castle. It was near to a mountain. It has big and large walls. White marble columns, lots of towers, large streets, bridges... One of the biggest castles in the world. In front of it, there is the Fire Kingdom plain. the Eternity Castle: A scary castle with lots of pointed towers. It is in Hogo and Mogo land belongs to Languid. It has an old bridge. It is at the top of a stone. Devil Mountains: the Black chest is hidden here. Cursed spirits protect this tall mountain. Its top has lots of ash. Trismegistus: A creature who hates humans and manipulates them, controls their body and brain. Once he captured the Bloodsucker sword. but he failed to use it and lost it. He fought for Languid in the second war. He can change from a black fume to a furry creature. His true shape is lost because he is damned. Ursula: One of the universe guardians. Responsible for humankind. She is the birth mother of King John. She has shiny yellow hair to her knees and shining gorgeous wings. A tulle dress covers her thin body. She has the Bloodsucker Sword and the Book of Secrecy. the Tree of Life: not a regular tree in the Secret Worlds Canyon. It can talk and ıts one of the guardians. It's very wise. It's huge and black. the Yaşon Fruit: It is at the top of the Tree of Life. The Fearless King ate this fruit and found the Nötronjon Power. It makes the person wiser, teaches the unknown things. Old soothsayer: Has green eyes and white hair. This soothsayer gave special lectures to David and Carlos before he banished from the continent.

To the Herbalife Nutrition Family



What is Herbalife Nutrition?

Herbalife; literally, natural life, herbal life, herbal life, natural life, their meanings bears. Herbalife products are healthy and balanced nutrition products. Optimum nutrition They are products that provide with minimum calories.
  • Herbal products.
  • Approved by the relevant ministry. (Products concerning the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Health The products concerning the Ministry of Health are approved by the Ministry of Health.)
  • Balanced and healthy nutrition products.
  • Can be used for weight control.
  • Can be used to stay in shape.
  • Offers a personalized program.
  • The result is guaranteed. (It can be returned without any justification within 30 days.)
  • Offers special programs for athletes.
  • Anyone who can eat can eat.
  • Has a halal certificate.

In short, what is herbalife? What are its products? What do Herbalife products do?

How will you control your weight?

Our greatest treasure is our power of thought. When we use this treasure effectivelyThere is no difficulty that we cannot achieve. There must be a reason for the power of thought to act. StrongIf you have a reason, your brain will take action for you. The only fuel for the brain is causes. Something If you want to do it, the brain automatically questions the reason, if it gets a strong answer, you will activate. If it gets a vague and insignificant answer, it will do nothing for you. If we give an example; Let's assume that you weigh 110 kilograms, 1.65 cm tall, belly circumference. You are a 120 cm 25-year-old young lady. Difficulty walking due to weight, belly skin Because of that, you cannot get up comfortably. Your energy is depleted, who always want to eat, to the mirrors who do not care, who do not tolerate a weighing device at home, who start to dislike social activities you have become. However, before gaining these pounds, active, cheerful, at peace with himself, who likes social activities, You were a person who often met with his friends, liked to travel, loved to read books.45 that you are overweight, you carry 45 kilos extra load, Your ideal weight should be 63-65 kilos, You know that the belly area should be 85 cm. You want to lose weight. Against this request, the brain will ask you the following question. Why do you want to lose weight? It His answer to the question: Well, I just want to lose weight. I think I want to lose weight. I think I can. In fact, my weight does not bother me, but I am still a try. As ambiguous and If you have unclear reasons, get used to your current weights, any weight loss method. I say don't try. Because a picture does not come to life in your mind and you do not have a strong reason. If your weak state is visualized in your mind, after losing weight, your thin body will be prominent in your mind. If you feel alive in a way, you can walk comfortably after losing weight, bend over easily, that you do not hesitate to get involved in activities, gain self-confidence above all else, the power, energy and joy it gave you, your eyes were also enlivened And it would come when you live now, a sweet If you see the excitement starting, that means you have a strong reason. Absolutely ideal You will reach your weight. Your brain will transform your power of thought into reality, your body will prepare according to your opinion. After passing the why stage, you can look at the how stage. You have made the decision to control weight and your purpose is clear. You want to control weight. Waist at your target.

How is the next stage?

İs the stage. This stage is the easiest. It makes no sense to move on to the hatred stage without passing the first stage. There are many weight control methods. It can be diet. A dietitian if you are involved in dieting We recommend that you control it. You can control your weight with herbalife products. Herbalife products You know there is no weight loss medicine. world-wide, containing ideal nutrients that are not prepared for weight control They are products prepared by recognized doctors. Using Herbalife, if you want any You should use it in tracking the herbalife distributor. You must follow exactly what they say.  

What is Wellness?

"Especially physically and acquired together with regular exercise and correct eating habits and mental well-being. " -According to the American heritage dictionary; "wellness is to feel good and look good." -According to Mark Hughes, founder of Herbalife; “Wellness to be able to walk every morning, you have enough energy, time and freedom to live the life you want. "

What does wellness mean to you? (Healthy lifestyle,

better life)

Every day we look for ways to feel better, and this situation is both ours and ours. It makes the days of those around us much more enjoyable. It will lead to success The prescription is a balanced diet supported by adequate fluid intake and it is the exercise done with it. By bringing these three key points together you will be offering the opportunity to feel better day by day. Good nutrition, which is also of great importance in terms of wellness, increases the total quality of life. increases. Unfortunately, people's busy lifestyles emerge in later years. It is not very suitable for healthy options that will prevent problems that may arise. most people nowadays have habits (diet, exercise, or lifestyle doing things that science considers necessary for a healthy life. Step by step with these factors, although you cannot change your habits overnight you can work. For example, a healthy diet, regular physical exercise, and throughout the day you can discover the pleasure you get from drinking enough water. This article how to do it It will help you learn what to do and learn what to do. With wellness Enjoy learning the steps you need to take to improve your quality of life And you will be able to do this by contacting me at the number below.


Digestion; vital carbohydrates, proteins, fats entering our body needs vitamins, minerals and water. These substances can be obtained from various foods. Thank you. The first digestion starts in the mouth. Separates it and sends it to the stomach through the esophagus. Mechanical action of the stomach and Thanks to the gastric juice, it chemicalizes the proteins. Foods that shrink deeply are absorbed in the small intestine and sent to the blood. Back pulp water and minerals are absorbed into the large intestine. sent to the bladder. So every bite that enters our mouth or everything we eat and drink is a long a proper nutrition if giving what we need after the trip and the procedure If we did it, it would be thrown out like a machine. HIPOKRAT, the father of medicine, says "what you eat is your medicine, your medicine is what you eat.""It must be." "Miracle as a living being that has not yet been imitated or similar invented.   HUMAN is the most perfect of all creatures.To the dismay of scientists when examined biologically.It has a perfect operation and mechanism. Each particle has a duty and It has excellent functioning. Digestive and excretory system is one of them. If we live according to creation and make our diet accordingly, no problem the machine continues to work perfectly. But today's living conditions, stress and wrong and incomplete nutrition Unfortunately, fatal digestive diseases greatly affect human health. threatens. Cancer is one of these fatal diseases. Stomach and bowel cancers are very common. Nutrition with Herbalife comes to its most important ease and benefits for digestion.Our digestion is easy as well as what we need It gives carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and most importantly fiber. A person needs a minimum of 20 grams of fiber per day. A healthy digestive system in order to have. Herbalife meals are used for whatever purpose they are In a sense, it gives what the body needs. Herbalife products are a very strong antioxidant Since it is a very good cleaner, it also functions as a very good cleaner. It is recommended to drink plenty of water while using it, because water is life now. he knows. The products are water-based, the more water is consumed during the use of the product, the more until the result is magnificent. There are two main products in Herbalife that provide incredible support for digestion. One Herbal Aloe Drink, one of which is liquid, and one of them is Herbalife Herbal Fiber tablet. beverage is a product that is drunk on an empty stomach. ease of digestion due to the nature of the aloe plant while providing antioxidant properties and since it is a very good toxin remover, the skin will shine gives. Herbalife Herbal Fiber Tablet; compressed tableted fruit and vegetable It is a product consisting of fibers. Because everyone can use fruit and vegetable fiber dissolves in the intestine when taken with plenty of water, settled in the intestine, intestinal hairs helps to remove adhered dirt. Like apricot, it also contains fiber. It is taken in the form of 2 tablets before meals. Herbalife, which treats people as a whole, nutrition, weight control, the right food, It has been serving since 1980 with the right calorie and fiber foods.

Dr yoni yorom (Notes from Antalya Education)

I come from sports medicine. Before that I was refreshed. There is such a power in spaciousness which is a line where you feel very close to God. To repair people again I loved to cut it. They believe in the healing ethics of two things in medicine one is surgery the second antibiotics. You will be very surprised that the most important thing that saves life is washing hands and the other is nutrition. I wanted to do something different to make my life fun; to sports medicine I passed. I have worked with the most famous people in every sport you can think of. Herbalife Distributors are Brand Ambassadors. They are agents of change. Information are multipliers. Dr. David begins his world-renowned research on obesity people. He passed on to Herbalife without realizing it. herbalifline is the most beautiful people can eat is fish oil. Mesi uses Herbalife products Herbalife new production facilities opened .   USA 65% obese Italy 20% tripled between 1980 and 2001. Germany 60% of women 75% of men are obese 12% of France doubled their speed Mexico 64% India 20% China 10% Good nutrition requires effort. We definitely need it. It needs protein, muscle, bone, enzymes and the immune system. The carbohydrates needed by our entire body are essential for energy. to oxygen.They need to react with carbohydrates and oxygen to open up energy. we cannot live without it. When carbohydrates are in excess, they are stored as fat. The stored oils are there for us to cross the desert. We don't need this. Vitamin is essential for development and growth. Fiber: necessary to remove toxins and waste from the body, Water: a person can die if they lose 5% water. Everyone needs nourishment. To reduce the fat ratio:
  • Heart diseases Gallstones
  • Chest and intestinal muscles
  • Hyper tension
  • Paralysis
  • Depression
  • Sleep apnea
  • The amount of fat in the blood
  • Diabetes
  • Oestroporosis
And what's more, nutrition reduces the risk of colon cancer by 40% in men. To women 50% This rate reduces the risk of breast cancer. Do Exercise. Organize your meal. Eat little food, the risk of depression is reduced. American 50% taking medications for sudden depression. If you eat and exercise correctly, you do not need to take medication. Diabetes covers 10% of the population. Eat right, enough exercise 5 hours a week increases your workout life by 50%. Burning 100 calories a week 30% 200 calories 50% life extension. getting old as late as possible with age If you want to die of meaning, write in the fridge when life catches you. run fast. Old men are those who do nothing for their future. Old and younger the men do not have time, they are very legitimate. Confucius, people to make Money they lose their health, they spend the money they earn to regain their health. Reduce calories and eat rich foods.       The company spent 3 million dollars for quality control of products and set up facilities.There are fields and facilities produced from China.There is a facility in California and China for production testing.You should spend 400-900 calories a week.You will run for at least 4 hours a week. 45 minutes a day. You have to run. 1 hour running.It corresponds to burning 500 calories.  


Chemical passing inside cells to perform vital activities .It is the name given to all processes. Metabolism; two being anabolism , catabolism It occurs in stages. means anabolism making metabolism biting. Synthesizing the substances the body needs energy. catabolism is destructive metabolism. Protein for energy needs carbohydrates and fat, in the presence of oxygen, carbon dioxide, energy and water is revealed.

What is the age of metabolism?

Metabolic age is not a widely used scientific term. In general metabolic rate is sufficient for clients experience metabolism rather than actual age .It may be different. It is measured by a number of technical devices. The age and gender of the individual, physical activity, daily nutrition metabolism vaccine can affect. Metabolic age measuring devices daily activity goose structure, daily exercise capacity, sleep patterns, including mobility drugs used during the day, gender Especially it can be effective in calculating the metabolic age.

Which diseases does a metabolic slowdown cause?

The slowdown of metabolism may occur as a result of some harvests. Hip thyroid. Metabolic rate may decrease due to reasons such as muscle loss due to being dependent on the bed. Excessive sleep can affect this. Is weight a problem especially in such cases may occur. When the weight problem occurs with the fattening, the cardiovascular diseases metabolic syndrome, diabetes. Such crops can be medium. Metabolism regular sleep to increase the speed, frequent and high quality nutrition, sufficient water, regular exercise must forget parameters such as


What is a Calorie? Calories are essential energy. The food we drink and the energy we eat and It is the power obtained from beverages. Experts on our food and drinks without the mess.They have divided them into various groups to help us save and understand better. For example, oils,proteins, carbohydrates, trace elements, vitamins and minerals.We are very fortunate that we are living in a very good time in the technical sense. Experts can easily determine the calories of everything we eat and drink and provide our information. What's interesting when it comes to measuring calories is what you eat the same amount of calories per gram of all types of protein, regardless of are available. This situation was valid for fats and carbohydrates.So no matter what we eat, 4 in a gram of carbohydrate, 9 in a gram of fat. There are calories.The daily amount of calories each person should take and burn in return.It makes a difference. But again, experts men and women, age, height-weight, activation and They determined their calorie needs according to situations such as lying down. Breath. We need energy to continue our vital activities. we hear. So how do we get this indispensable energy that the body needs and How much energy do we need per day, how much calories do we take? How much do we buy and spend.? When we say not calories, we all think of the common these are the questions. We explained above how we get calories; the food we eat, drink and We take drinks. By determining our daily calorie need, the calories we need to take during the day It is very beneficial for us to know the amount. For this reason why is weak or We will better understand why we are overweight. How many calories we need per day there is? First of all, our weight and height, age, being male and female and what we do these determine the daily calorie intake among individuals. Now all health These measurements are made in the centers. It is definitely useful to have this information. there is. What we call weight, if it is excessive, our weight is more than the calories we take daily.The less we burn, if the calories we burn are missing, the more we eat, that is the energy we take the amount is small. After the whole person has completed the acquisition of his / her own information, It comes to determining the calorie amounts of what we eat and drink. How does our body store excess calories? If we take too much and burn less liver .It stores this calorie taken as sugar. When excess sugar accumulates in the liver, this time the liver transfers some of the sugar to the muscles for a short time. If you're here If calories are not burned, ie movement and exercise are not done for a longer period of time turns into fat for storage. And if we are male, belly if female, hip area We start to gain weight. So this is the underlying reason why people have weight problems. Calorie their inability to control. Of course we live in such a time that all the necessary.Even if we want to do the controls, this is not possible. Even if we succeed, this time, our vision is that our nutritional values ​​are deficient. We are beginning to grapple with health problems visually. Because what we eat is what we drink everything has low nutritional value, high in calories, what we eat causes a lot of nutrient loss. we are completely eating pulp and hormones. Besides that it is fizzy and its calorie high drinks, alcohol consumption, unconscious drug use, and reduced physical activities. So we must definitely come to this awareness. Everyone's greatest doctor and nutritionistthe expert is himself again, and at this time it has to be. What we eat and we have to pay attention to our lifestyle.   The nutritional habits of our children are completely dependent on our nutritional culture.Connected. We have to be conscious consumers. If we want to live a healthy and long life.We need to know how to calculate calories. 7000 calories if we want to lose a pound we have to burn. If we eat less than 500 calories per day in 15 days, we will lose 1 kg. Conscious experts say that everyone now needs an additional food supplement. hears. They must use it. Quality spent many years in its field From the products of companies working with proven world brand supplements It is necessary to make use of. Let's not forget that everything is in our hands. To protect our health, or by neglecting it leaves the water flowing. Control of our lives should always be in our hands.

Herbalife Shake

It is a product that is rich in content and can be prepared easily. two a day .Eating instead of meals is becoming a weight-down control program. 250 mlt cherry juice with 2 tablespoons of formula 1 and shake. Drinking water after shake .Remember. a meal of Shake contains 250 calories of energy. as much as you want during the day you can drink it does not have any side effects. everyone can use it. It tastes great. It is suitable for every taste. Tags: #herbalife, # herbalife_products, # healthy_life, # weight_control

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